Supercharging Treatment Access

Empowering market access professionals in life science with the content management and customer engagement platform built for them.

Introducing Beacon…

An innovative cloud-based market access communication platform that supercharges engagement opportunities between Account Directors (ADs) and Access Opinion Leaders (AOLs) representing Key Accounts.

Key Features

Rapid Document Delivery

Provides fast synching of your content via the cloud to various devices including both tablets and laptops

Flexible File Management

Allows effective processing of various file types and compliant customization of content for various audiences

Streamlined Content Discovery

Powerful search and filtering capabilities to locate the content you need quickly and effectively

Accurate Version Control

Provides confidence in your use of the latest document version

Compliant Presentation Building

Modular assembly of approved assets to enable tailored AOL & Key Accounts engagement

Omnichannel Engagement

Supports and enhances both in-person and virtual meetings with integrated and secure video conferencing

Seamless Content Publishing

Provides efficient document organizing, publishing and delivery for scientific content

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Offers detailed tracking and reporting of key platform usage metrics and other data

Open Platform for Integration

Flexible inter-operability that is compatible with existing eco-system

Platform Flexibility

The Beacon platform is designed for interoperability and can integrate easily with many of the systems and technology products in use within the life science industry.

Beacon can be implemented independently or can effectively complement the existing tools and platforms you have in place including in-house systems.

Beacon: designed for market access professionals in life science

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