Introducing Beacon…

The innovative cloud-based scientific exchange platform designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of your MSLs and the Medical Affairs function.

The Beacon platform is optimized to enhance the medical and scientific dialogue between field medical professionals and critical industry stakeholders.

Key Features

Rapid Document Delivery

Provides fast synching of version-controlled content via the cloud, to various devices, also offers compliant content sharing with external stakeholders.

Flexible File Handling

Allows the effective processing of diverse file types including dynamic content such as video, web, HTML5 and app files.

Intelligent Content Discovery

Powerful search and filtering capabilities, powered by AI, to locate the content you need quickly and effectively.

Omnichannel Engagement

Supports and enhances both in-person and virtual meetings with integrated and secure video conferencing - compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and others.

Compliant Presentation Building

Modular assembly of approved slides and other assets to enable tailored and dynamic KOL engagement, including grouping configuration and collaboration features.

Ongoing KOL Engagement

Beacon Hub provides HCPs and MSLs with the ability to collaborate, engage, and exchange, in a secure online space outside of planned meetings.

Seamless Content Publishing

Provides efficient document uploading, configuration and distribution to manage your scientific library with ease across local & global needs.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Offers on-demand and accessible quantitative tracking and reporting of key platform usage metrics and qualitative insights gathering.

Open Platform for Integration

Flexible, secure, and seamless inter-operability, compatible with existing industry CMS and CRM systems without burdening internal IT resources.

Beacon Answers Your Needs


“With previous systems, it was sometimes hard to find the materials I wanted. I was also not always confident that everything was up to date.” - MSL

Beacon Solution

Beacon's user-friendly, full-text search, quick filtering, assured versioning, and smart library, address this commonly reported issue.

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The Beacon platform is designed for interoperability and can easily integrate with many systems and technology products already in use within the life science industry.

Beacon will implement independently and/or effectively complement existing tools and platforms that are already in place including in-house systems. Professional service support is available to help make this process as smooth and seamless as possible.

For smaller companies, Beacon is often implemented on a stand-alone basis which allows for a quick start while providing room for future growth.

CMS: As a common integration, Beacon easily connects to content management and approval systems like Veeva Vault MedComms and Veeva Vault PromoMats. Approved content can be synched automatically from these platforms to Beacon at whatever frequency is required.

CRM: Beacon provides both quantitative and qualitative interaction data from our platform to the appropriate HCP record in CRM. Beacon can also pull in relevant data from CRM to assist in pre-call planning so that MSLs can initiate, manage and record a meeting all in Beacon as the preferred interface.

Data Analytics: In addition to CRM, through integration, Beacon automatically exports various informational request, metrics and reporting data to 3rd party business software/analytics tools like Anju, Qlik Sense, MicroStrategy and others.

Technology Overview

The Beacon platform offers a state-of-the-art architecture that's both secure and scalable. It can provide many strategic benefits to life science companies while making it simple for internal technology teams to oversee the application. Beacon can be implemented independently or by effectively complementing existing tools and platforms already in place.

Zero Application Footprint

Beacon is a fully cloud-based platform, delivered to users as a light and scalable solution that only requires a supported web-browser (Chrome/Edge/Safari). It is hardware-agnostic, SSO-friendly, with no software to install.

Flexible Integration and Plug-in

Beacon can integrate with in-house CRM/CMS/Data & Analytics systems. It can also upgrade or replace dated CLM solutions. Once plugged in, workflows are simplified while insights become richer.

Maximum Virtual Compatibility

Beacon is fully compatible with virtual conferencing solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It enhances these tools with an industry-specific virtual meeting console that offers unique engagement features, compliance guardrails and insights capturing.

Secure and Intelligent Data Practices

Alucio adheres to industry best practices and has implemented appropriate controls to ensure security and privacy of data in the Beacon platform. Alucio also complies with GDPR standards.

Modern and Scalable Architecture

The Beacon platform is built upon services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). By utilizing a cloud-native architecture, Beacon fully leverages the scalability, security and availability benefits of the cloud.

Dedicated Help Desk Support

Dedicated Alucio Customer Success Managers are responsible for all on-boarding and ongoing user training activities. Reliable help desk support can scale locally and globally. All users have immediate access to live chat and interactive materials.

Leading industry analysts agree with us!

Gartner recently recognized Alucio and BEACON as a stand-out innovative provider enabling digital scalability, delivering on next-generation customer engagement characteristics. 

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Beacon: designed for MSLS by MSLs

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