AlucioPoised to Capitalize on the Shift to Hybrid Engagement Between Life Science Companies and Healthcare Professionals

Alucio’s Beacon Scientific Exchange Platform Supports and Enhances Both Virtual and In-Person Meetings with Healthcare Professionals

San Francisco, CA (July 13, 2021) - As in other industries, digital interactions skyrocketed in the life science space over the past year as virtual meetings between field medical staff and healthcare professionals (HCPs) became standard business practice. In fact, prior to the pandemic, 64% of meetings with pharma representatives were held in person. During the pandemic, this shifted to 65% of meetings being held virtually, consistent across therapeutic areas.[1]

However, while virtual engagements are clearly here to stay, a recent poll of over 450 pharma industry professionals showed that 66% of respondents expected there to be a mix of in-person and virtual meetings as the COVID crisis declines.[2] Additionally, in a related survey of healthcare professionals, respondents indicated that video calls were seen as the best alternative to traditional in-person communications between pharma and HCPs.[3]

Alucio™, a fast-growing provider of cloud-based software for the life sciences industry, is well positioned to capitalize on this trend and support customers with its Beacon scientific exchange platform. Beacon is completely optimized for multichannel engagement between medical science liaisons (MSLs) and HCPs in this new environment.

It contains a fully-integrated video conferencing module that enables users to take control of their virtual meetings with features customized for scientific exchange. Beacon is also fully-compatible with other leading video meeting solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Moreover, Beacon seamlessly supports in-person meetings on tablet devices, including an offline mode for live engagements where data service is unavailable. The platform also provides email and text communication options to ensure that medical key opinion leaders (KOLs) stay up to date with the latest information and approved content.

With Beacon’s presentation builder feature, MSLs can also optimize their engagements by tailoring content to meet specific audience needs. Beacon’s data and analytics engine captures all relevant data from MSL-HCP meetings for reporting and analysis purposes.

“With the shift to hybrid engagement, MSLs need to find the right combination of message, content and channel to match HCP expectations and meeting preferences in order to provide a personalized customer experience. Beacon empowers MSLs and med affairs teams in this process to make each HCP engagement as impactful as possible.” said Dave Gulezian, Co-Founder and CEO at Alucio.

To learn more about Beacon and schedule a product demonstration, please contact the company at

About Alucio:

Alucio is dedicated to the development of innovative software applications specifically for the life sciences industry. Alucio’s flagship product, Beacon, is a cloud-based scientific exchange platform that enhances scientific dialogue and engagement between life science companies and healthcare professionals. For more information, please visit the company’s website at or contact Lisa Amin at (925) 788-3533.

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